Ed Mendoza

Executive Board Member - Roadman

Ed Mendoza is a farmer, permaculturist, teacher & Native American Church ceremonial leader. A graduate of Cal Poly’s school of agriculture, Ed has taken both traditional & modern agricultural knowledge to incorporate them into his own unique discipline. For over 50 years, Ed has nurtured a relationship with the soils, plants & spirit guides of  California & the Southwest. He also served as an advisor for The Native American Farmers Association. For the past two years, Ed has been working on a documentary series which explores his travels as a farmer and cultural researcher throughout Colombia, Cuba and Mexico.


Stetson Mendoza

Board Member - Lead Agriculture Operations

Stetson Mendoza manages the Garden & has graciously offered the land needed to build such infrastructure in order to support, strengthen and host community members.  Stetson is always passionate about preserving indigenous land, rights & traditions.  With a vast knowledge in Permaculture & Water Systems he uses his brute strength to get things done, when he is in the zone nothing can stop him.  He always has an awareness for water quality & availability for the tribal members.

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Olivia Mendoza

Board Member - General Manager - Architect

Olivia Mendoza has a PHD in Architecture and is constantly finding new and improved ways to operate and expand what Mendoza Family Farms offers.  As a Salt River Reservation community member she is very aware of ways we can improve and support the surrounding community.  She also assists in developing educational curriculum and workshop courses that are offered to the public.



Board Member - Humanitarian Artist

David has helped develop & organize Mendoza Family Farms into a 501c3 in order to expand and grow the outreach and educational capacity of Mendoza Family Farms.  As a multi-skilled humanitarian-artist he never becomes stagnate, always learning and expanding his knowledge and skillset.  Keep a look out for new art & media at Mendoza Family Farms. His most recent endeavor is a 4-week high-intensity educational course offered by Earthship Biotecture Academy in New Mexico. Focused on improving the quality of life individually first, then collectively as humans, David forges forward to create a better Planet for each living creature.

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Beaner Mendoza

Board Member - Operations Consultant

An active community member Beaner is usually a smiling & diving in right next to the kids in a friendly competition of scavenger hunting or problem solving.  Most of her background has been working in community 

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Maximus Mendoza

General Operations Manager 

Max Mendoza has a great skill & passion for Automotive repair/modification.  Also having managed the recent Greenhouse Build at Mendoza Family Farms, Max can fix, build or create a solution for nearly any problem.  Like Stetson his strength helps with the heavy lifting when necessary.  Max is always checking up on things at the Farm keeping things in order and moving forward.  

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Juan Mendoza

Lead Metal Worker - Fabricator - General Operations

Juan is a skilled tradesman that has helped with a lot of the construction and infrastructure needed to complete these projects.  No matter if its a fence post, storage rack, gate or random farm equipment.  Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse, or Repurpose is the name of the game that Juan plays.  

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Zeke Mendoza

General Operations 

Zeke is  an experienced in business operations having opened an innovative, one of a kind business located in Arizona with two locations called "Prime Kicks & Cuts"

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Tita Garcia & Family

Doula - Volunteer -  Puro Amor Farms

Tita is a Community Member that has taken her backyard of dirt to transform it into a permaculture garden oasis where she and her family operate a small endeavor named "Puro Amor" where they offer different health goods from the produce and medicinal plants they grow.

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Volunteer - Construction & Maintenance

Property Construction/Infrastructure.

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Volunteer - Historical Preservationist - Community Activist 

Community Activist, Property Infrastructure. 

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Ocean is a traveling artist/muralist that was gratefully commissioned to do the mural near the entrance of Mendoza Family Farms.  Next time you are on the property be sure to check out this beautiful piece of artwork.