Mendoza Family Farms is blessed to operate on donations, sales of goods & services, art, educational workshops & hosting public & private events.  A Family operated Non-Profit that strives to provide healthy food to the local community.  Supporting community strength by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.  Working to improve the quality of life for every human, one moment at a time. Curating positive supportive relations wherever we travel.

Mendoza Family Farms has partnered with

Peaceful People Project which is responsible for producing media specifically focusing on the core values that Mendoza Family Farms was founded on.  Using Video & Photography to reach more like minded humans worldwide. Encouraging & empowering people to positively change lives, communities & the planet.  Please contact us if you are interested in donating any farm tools, building materials, wisdom or creative talent instead of any currencies.  We are always able to find community members in need if we are unable to use the products.  Together we can build a better World.